Erica L Larson, PhD

When I look at biological diversity, I see dramatic variation in male and female reproductive traits. I want to understand how interactions between males and females - both cooperative and antagonistic - shape the evolution of reproductive traits and contribute to the origin of species. I am also an avid gardener and enjoy running, hiking, skiing, and camping in the front range. Follow me on twitter: @ericallarsonCV

Office: SM 280, (303) 871-3694


Graduate Students


Kelsie Hunnicutt


Brooke Washburn


Undergraduate students & Postgrads

Other Lab Members



Kulshan has been with the Larson Lab since the beginning. His research interests are vague, but he is happy to go on car rides to collect crickets.


The Larson Lab is recruiting undergraduate, MS or PhD students. Consider joining the lab and our great Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program at the University of Denver!

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